WeBlog v1.1 has been released

We’re very exciting to announce WeBlog v1.1
WeBlog born again. It’s more powerful, clean, and stable than v1.0
Here is the changes in WeBlog v1.1

New Features

  • Markdown support : be more productive with Markdown.
  • Add Safari Extension :create posts from anywhere.
  • Add Guide to help new users get used to WeBlog.
  • Preference for library : change sync related settings via this preference.
  • Prefrence for sidebar and dock item count in general section.
  • Allow to create post and page from WeBlog dock icon by select menu after right click on WeBlog dock icon or dragging media files into WeBlog dock icon.
  • Show post count on WeBlog dock icon.


  • Allow to edit post directly instead of creating another local draft.
  • Remove edit button from toolbar.
  • Add a dropdown button next to pane-visibility button on toolbar which helps you to select “Sidebar, Contents List, and Editor only” easily.
  • Add a dropdown button next to new post button on toolbar which helps you to create “post, and page” easily.
  • Add delete button to toolbar.
  • Remove dropdown icon from blog selection menu at the bottom of sidebar.
  • Refine filter menu at the top of contents list. You can sort and order your contents more clearly.
  • Moved search button from top of contents list to toolbar.
  • Add right-margin to count item in sidebar.
  • Make full-screen mode shows full-screen instead of full editor view.
  • Min/Max width of each panes.
  • Store/restore width of each panes.
  • Store/restore window size and positions.
  • Remove auto scroll-up function in editor.
  • Remove shortcuts for sidebar selection.
  • Add shortcuts for pane selection.


  • An issue that sidebar item is not selected when click over count area.
  • An issue that displaying multi-digit item count in sidebar.
  • Typing speed gets slowed as type long post.
  • If the enter key is pressed inside an empty inner quote element, it stucks on quote block.


  • Writing performance of editor.
  • Latest edited contents moves to top of contents list.
  • Resizing performance of each panes.